Public Safety Program Management and Operations

HMS is a veteran provider of a range of services to agencies responsible for public safety and law enforcement. We have extensive experience encompassing a number of prior contracts requiring the provision of administrative, clerical, IT and emergency personnel and staffing support services for local, state and federal agencies and numerous police departments throughout the nation.

We have a proven track record with law enforcement organizations across the country having installed and supported computers and related systems for over fifteen (15) police departments throughout the nation. These computer systems range from Windows, Novell and Linux servers, desktop units to mobile data computers, wireless units and hand-helds. Our responsibilities include the installation and integration of software, day-to-day maintenance, inventory control and training of officers.

HMS provides helpdesk services in law enforcement and armed services organizations of all shapes and sizes. This includes the management of an E911 Center for the U.S. Department of the Army. Our support responsibilities include the provision of telephone helpdesk support for non-emergency calls, provision of E-911 helpdesk call support, and provision of dispatch police and emergency call support (e.g. NCIC / LINK queries). Our help desk support personnel are thoroughly trained to handle all calls in a professional, courteous and prompt manner.

HMS provide network engineers, video specialists and wireless support personnel to manage the day-to-day operations of Synchronized and Joint Operations Command Centers (e.g. DC MPD). Our support encompasses the server and desktop units, network infrastructure and technologies, video teleconferencing systems (e.g. Tandberg VTC systems, Accord software), camera assets and CCTV networks (e.g. District of Columbia citywide wireless CCTV network).

We provide mission critical support services that include surveillance intrusion detection, support and maintenance of remote cameras, maintenance of law-enforcement and citizen-centric based software and applications, management of video teleconferences and associated equipment, video feed downloading and retrieval and video transmission. Our staff is experienced in supporting operations that require near 100% availability during periods of crises

HMS staff possess real-world "hands-on" experience in performing server monitoring and administration, as well as servicing and maintaining various cameras (e.g. Pelco). We currently support a state-of-the-art video-compression system that transmits live, high-quality video images over low bandwidth environments such as cellular, satellite and land-line telephones, EDVO and IXITT, and wireless modems. Motion pictures and high-resolution snapshots are captured and transmitted over unlimited distance to a personal computer (PC), anywhere in the world.